At Mueller Excavating, we are dedicated to you. We strive to complete your projects on time, to or above your expectations, and within a budget that fits for you. It is not uncommon for our crews to work 60-70 hour weeks, and many times work Saturday and Sundays. At Mueller Excavating, honesty is key.

If we say we can handle your project, then your project will be completed.


Developers understand the importance of a trustworthy contractor. They rely on contractors that are capable of protecting them from high costs and unnecessary rework, while providing cost-effective solutions sensitive to their development needs. We are that contractor. 

To develop large parcels of land you need a contractor that has efficient machinery and educated employees; Mueller Excavating offers both.

​Our earth movers have the ability to move ground very quickly and our bulldozers are the most advanced in the industry. Yet, these machines are just iron without the skill of the operators. Our operators at Mueller Excavating are first-class. Every project is personal - as if it was our own.


A major cost of any project is engineering. Associated with engineering is the cost to survey and stake out the project. These costs become minimal when you hire Mueller Excavating.

We staff qualified surveyors who work on the project to keep your engineering costs down. Our surveying equipment, guided by Trimble GPS systems, gives us the same ability as any engineering firm and then some.

Many engineers draw plans based only on calculations, they do not always have your costs needs first. Mueller Excavating will always work with you to create a plan that is in your budget. With over 60 years experience in the industry, we know what is efficient

and what will save you money.


As utility installation becomes more controlled, municipalities, developers, and contractors understand the importance of proper utility installation. We take pride in our accuracy, precision, and quality of our utility work. To ensure quality, our crews pressure test all utility lines to check for leaks.

At Mueller Excavating, our utility crews have many years of sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main, landfill gas, and fusion piping experience. Whether it is a large force main installation or small utility repairs, we have the ability to get the job done quickly and accurately.

We focus on precision. Therefore, we exercise quality control measures such as verification of the engineer’s layout on a daily basis. This reflects in Mueller Excavating’s commitment to quality, which is visible in every project we do. 

Mueller Excavating Inc. offers a variety of services.


From beginning to end, a project needs to be organized.

At Mueller Excavating we analyze every project to determine specific needs and requirements.

We have a surveyor who works along with the grading crew to make operations more efficient. We handle general excavation, civil grading and footings. Our grading team is well educated in reading plans to assist in quality assurance. Communication between the project engineer and the surveyor allows for better solutions to problems that may arise.


Construction of a road changes from project to project. This is where our experience thrives. Whether the project is a four-lane new construction or

a two-lane reconstruction,

Mueller Excavating has the experience to build it.

Our reputation has led to strong trusting relationships with many municipalities. They know that we will build a road to their exact specifications.

Our professional operators and educated supervisors instill confidence in our clients, confidence in our work, and confidence in the result. Experience counts.


Mueller Excavating added its Landfill division in January 2010. Although the company has only been working in this industry for 10 years plus, we have employees who have many years of experience and

expertise in both grading and piping.

Landfill work requires very critical specifications throughout each project; with our well-maintained fleet of equipment, our experienced crew of employees and passion for excavation we are able to handle anything from the most demanding Landfill projects,

to the simplest repairs.

Since 2010, we have completed many projects and look forward to continue to grow this division of our company.


At Mueller Excavating we are on the front line of companies to bring GPS Guidance controlled machines to our clients. No more rework, less grading time, more production, less engineering cost. All of these advantages are now yours with Mueller Excavating and

GPS Guidance.

With GPS machine control, the machine is linked directly with global positioning satellites to give its exact coordinates. The plans of your project are downloaded into the computer which is located in the cab of the machine. This enables the operator to know where he is in relation to the plan at all times. Not only does he know where he is, but he knows the exact cut and fill of anywhere on your project. Once it becomes time to do fine grading, the GPS system gets even more impressive. With the push of a button, the operator may take his hands off the blade controls and let the machine do the work for him; grading to within hundredths of an inch.

Mueller Excavating now has the capability to do your entire job without putting a stake in the ground. Less work and less rework; doing less of those equals less cost for you.