Menard, INC

Through 2010 and 2014 Mueller Excavating worked with Menards, performing the excavation and utility for a concrete block plant in Iron Ridge, Wisconsin. This project included 500 thousand cubic yards of excavation, 125 thousand yards of stone base, storm sewer and water main and the excavation of footings for all site facilities.

glacier Ridge Landfill

In 2014 and 2015 Mueller Excavating worked with Advanced Disposal in a 3 stage process in cell expansion. We also were involved in a 12.6 acre cover project.

Pine Breeze Dairy

In 2012 Mueller Excavating worked with the Breeze Dairy Group. We worked on building their new addition, Pine Breeze Dairy. Pine Breeze is the home to 2,400 cows.

Emerald Park Landfill

In 2013 Mueller Excavating worked with Advanced Disposal in a large 7 acre cell expansion project. During this project the Mueller Excavating crew moved a total of about 750 thousand yards of earth, with about 600 thousand yards being clay.

Milk Source, inc

In 2015 and 2016 Mueller Excavating again has an opportunity to work with Milk Source, in the Grand Marsh Area. The Mueller Excavating Utility Crew is laying 65,000 feet of C-900 manure line. These manure lines have riser pipes strategically placed in the middle of fields. Mueller Excavating also pressure test all lines to ensure there will not be leaks throughout.

Milk source, inc.

Mueller Excavating has had the opportunity to work with Milk Source, inc. at several different dairy farms spread across the state of Wisconsin and stretching to the state of Michigan. Several of these farms now house about 8,000 cows. While building two of the larger dairies, Mueller Excavating moved close to 1 million cubic yards of earth on each operation.